“A Matter of Nurture” Published!

Neo-opsis 29

A Matter of Nurture in Neo-opsis 29

Dani Díaz is a virtuoso in a dark but necessary profession. Or is she? A job gone horribly wrong makes her doubt everything she thought she knew, including her own identity.

My story “A Matter of Nurture” is now published in issue 29 of Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine. I am honored to have my tale in this award winning magazine. So many great stories have found a home here over the years, and the authors of those tales include some of the legends of science fiction.

Get your copy here.

4 thoughts

  1. Bob
    from the first moment we discussed great things… among them-the meaning of the universe and how best to use the phrase “unified” to unlock all the secrets of the known world (of our “junior High School”) by circumventing all rules by invoking a meaningless word ( as in fake news etc) by forcibly and subtlety subverting established norms -WE WERE THE PIONEERS OF FAKE NEWS (BUT only to benefit us in the most trivial way).
    Who knew what power you would hold and the literary skill to be uncovered…

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