August von Orth

Even a physicist who experiments with care and proves his theories right, may become an artist when creativity blooms and inspiration is bright.

-paraphrased poorly from THE WOLF MAN

August von Orth writes Speculative Fiction using bleeding-edge science as a crucible to create a fresh perspective on the human experience. His style is highly immersive, exploring reality-altering themes from deep within characters who suffer the consequences.

August von Orth is the pen name for Robert August, Ph.D, whose scientific writings are published under his given name. He created August von Orth to set-apart his more artistic output. The name also honors the memory of his mother, Pauline Louise August (nee Orth), 1934-1994. In German, von is a preposition which approximately means of or from, and usually refers to a geographic place. Ignoring standard usage, here he uses von to mean genetically and physically from his mother. So August von Orth honors the fact that he is an August from an Orth. She remains his first, and most passionate, fan.


 Represented by Jessica Schmeidler.

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  1. Fascinating bio. I would love to edit/proofread your creative writings if you need someone. I’m also publishing an Anthology this spring if you’d like to contribute a short story.

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