Rain and Ty blame themselves for the horrific act of violence that took their unborn child. Months later, Rain is a recluse lost in guilt and grief. Until one day as she prays over the child’s backyard grave, and a sudden rain shower soaks her with a silver substance. The first reaction is a rush of unexpected joy, but soon she grows ill. Ty rushes her to a hospital crowded with others, all women, caught out in the bizarre rain.

The women become critically ill and most die overnight, while the survivors all share the same dreams of being jellyfish-like creatures floating in a surreal alternate world; a world all the women believe to be real. And to make matters worse, a nanotechnology exposure incident that has been in the news breaks out into a catastrophic environmental release at the exact same time. The suspicious coincidence is too much for government officials who quarantine the women to study them. However, even when the women prove not to be contagious, they are not released.

Ty and Rain flee and find themselves fugitives in a world degenerating to chaos in the face of the nanotechnology contagion. Rain retains a dream-like connection to the other women from the hospital and the jellyfish creatures, who she comes to believe are an alien race on a distant world. And these alien creatures claim an ability to combat the contagion, using the women as tools. Rain finds the alien claims to be true, but they come at an unbearable price.

The search for answers sends Rain and Ty down a rabbit hole where quantum entanglement, eugenics, determinism and free will form a tangled web that must be unraveled if humanity is to survive with their souls intact. And for Rain, it becomes a question of what one woman can do about a problem that involves the whole world…and beyond.


 Represented by Jessica Schmeidler.

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