In the aftermath of his wife’s mysterious death, Aidan lost his career in the lunar colonies and almost his freedom. He mourns in isolation, until a visitor brings an outlandish proposal to investigate alien relics on Neptune’s moon Triton. Only untested technology can reach this frozen moon, far beyond the most distant human outpost on Mars. It’s crazy. But Aidan agrees to go anyway, when he learns that the trip might expose the truth about his wife’s death. They find an alien technology buried under Triton’s nitrogen-ice that is far from a dormant relic; it tears a rift in spacetime that undermines the barrier between life and death. Through this rift come truths that shatter Aidan’s beliefs about his wife’s death and his very concept of reality. And he learns that this technology drove the alien race to extinction. Now, unless he can stop it, the person responsible for the mayhem in Aidan’s life will escape justice again and bring this lethal technology to Earth.


 Represented by Jessica Schmeidler.

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