Robert August, Ph.D.

Experienced Chief Scientist and Deputy Director. Nuclear detection expert. Advanced Technology Developer. Over four decades of experience developing technology and methods for addressing the clandestine nuclear attack issue, quantum sciences, AI applications and advanced approaches to multiple problems. The subdirectories of this page archive a number of short papers by Robert August on the basics of detecting weak radioactive sources in the environment, most significantly SNM (special nuclear material) and nuclear devices. Dr. August has over four decades of experience in this field and these results are widely recognized and often requested. They are compiled here for easy reference and download.

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  1. Hi Robert! I saw you subscribed to – thanks for stopping by and signing up.
    I just wanted to let you know that that’s a static site and doesn’t post new content very often, so you might never hear a peep from it again. However, I have two other sites I post on regularly, which might interest you: – writing and publishing advice – my creative series The Undercover Soundtrack
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    Thanks for your interest in my work.
    PS I fully expect this comment won’t make it through your spam filters and it’s not intended for public reading anyway, so feel free to delete it. I couldn’t find another way to contact you.


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