Review of Project Skyfish

51r0avqb4lJust finished reading Project Skyfish: In Which the Furdleys Go Land Cruising, by Holelabs Writestaff, and I’m pretty sure I’m having a psychotic break. This stuff makes Monty Python seem like something you had to read in high school. Not that Monte Python isn’t funny, it is, but Holelabs Writestaff has a style that takes comedy that one extra step where weirdness becomes serious mental illness. The Furdleys have been available previously on ibooks, but this is the first release of a Furdley adventure for Kindle and in paperback. Now you don’t have to be an Apple minion to get your Furdley on!

This isn’t the first of the Furdley adventures, but that really doesn’t matter. Chronology becomes a meaningless concept when reading about this crew. The Furdleys are the perfect antidote if you’re tired of reading political rants on Facebook; who can possibly care about geopolitics when the Furdleys are in peril? Having finished this volume, I look forward to the other adventures being released in this new format. And if you can’t wait, you can always join the Apple collective and read them now on itunes. As for me, I’m going to go find my other shoe and ask my wife if she would be so kind as to help me remember my name. On the other hand, am I sure that lady is really my wife?

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